Sunday, 15 December 2013


Good evening. Tim here.

We've spent much of this week editing.  Earlier this week Miriam completed getting the footage in story order while I was on a job. Today I've been editing one of the scenes featuring Sal and Camilla. With such great performances from both of them, sometimes the hardest part is deciding which take to use – nice dilemma to have!

I'm not the speediest of editors but have had some experience now, thanks to a relatively short stint in a Soho post-production house and the short films we've made. In the past I've used Avid and Final Cut Pro. I hear Premiere is a good choice, but haven't had the opportunity to work with it since 2001. We're cutting Selective Listening with Final Cut Pro.

I have to say that the element of post-production that infuriates me is when glitches occur. Thank the Gods that we have experienced editor Ricky Wood overseeing the process – he will be offering his thoughts and skills on the edit as a whole and whenever my computer is in danger of being launched through the nearest window, he is always at the end of the phone to offer some answers to the anomalistic quirks that FCP feels compelled to throw into the mix at least once every editing day.

Tip of the day: When your editing software threatens the otherwise zen equilibrium of your mood and your desk is under threat of ending up in splinters, find the one piece of music that you can bounce, pogo or flop around the room to; that can't fail to lift your spirits and will bring the universe back into balance. For me, it's this:

Thank you, Michel Legrand!