Monday, 27 January 2014

Press kits and a trip down Memory Lane...

Hello! Miriam here,

Today I have been reminding myself about press kit essentials.

There are several useful articles out there as well as some examples worth checking. In a nutshell, a good press kit must contain information about the film as well as materials to publicise it. These include:

• synopses of different lengths (generally long, medium and short)
• technical information about the film
• cast and crew biographies
• anecdotes from the filmmaking process
• frequently asked questions with the answers (this does not only provide information but also helps journalists who need content ASAP)
• director’s statement
• production notes
• reviews and endorsements
• credits
• interviews with cast and crew 
and, of course
• photos!

As we have loads of production photos, I have been sorting through them and will select some for the press kit as well as others for this blog and our social media sites.

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It really has been a trip down memory lane. What a wonderful time we had!

Here are a couple of photos of one of the rooms used in the film.  As well as being a working set, it also served as the producer and director's bedroom from 1am till 7am. During the day, however, it was either the bedroom of the protagonist Harrison (played by Salvatore Stella) or it was the green room / canteen / storage room / hair and make-up suite / props house / DIT room...

It becomes more and more difficult to believe that there were at least 11 people every day working here and that we all managed to get along and do a great job.

Anyway, I’ll keep gathering the materials to put together a cracking press kit and will post it here when it’s ready. 

Bye for now!