Thursday, 7 August 2014

Almost there...


Tim here. It's been quite a while, so I thought I'd write to say what we've been up to since we handed in the work-in-progress to Raindance and the BFI film festivals.

Well, it's been a mixed bag. We've been working hard and diligently alongside Ean Currie (for the sound mix and original score) and ONSIGHT (for the grade and visual effects) to ensure that we're producing the best end product possible.

For quite some time the creative process has been over and it's been more of a process of eliminating technical issues and ensuring that we get the highest quality of sound and visuals possible. The call of duty has been exceeded all-round as hours and days of effort have gone into meticulous details and it's been great that no-one was happy to rest until the highest possible standards were met.

My computer broke down in the midst of three more sets of visual effects, which put everything on hold for a couple of weeks. This coincided with a ripped muscle in my back that put me on the floor for over a week and got me used to sleeping on the floor. This may have had something to do with spending days with my eyes glued to a computer screen in a posture 
reminiscent of Gollum (as illustrated by a candid photo taken by the producer).

I cannot count the amount of times Miriam and I have watched the film from beginning to end, with eyes and ears focussed on any tiny anomalies that might have crept in.

Many lessons have been learnt about the sound process, the post-production process and the processes that computer repair shops use to extract money from you when they believe you to be ignorant.

Anyway, the news is that the final tweaks are now happening and the cast & crew screening will be appearing on the horizon soon!