Friday, 25 September 2015

Surbiton Festival Screening!

Hi! Tim and Miriam here.

We just wanted to say that we had a great night tonight, with a screening of Selective Listening as part of the Surbiton Festival's first film night (due to the film being shot in Surbiton).

It was a great experience to watch the film for the first time with an audience who did not know what to expect, and the reaction was fantastic.

As well as responding well to the film, the audience participated in a nice Q&A with us afterwards and we received some humbling, positive comments, both from those who found the film funny and entertaining, and from those who are in-the-know about mental health issues.

Many thanks to Bob Noble and the organisers of the Surbo for asking us to be among the other superb works that were shown.

It's been a very rewarding night!