Sunday, 8 May 2016

Interview with Camilla Rowland

Camilla Rowland

An interview with actress Camilla Rowland, who plays the role of Amber in Selective Listening.

How did you become involved in Selective Listening?
I saw a casting call on and applied for an audition.

What was your reaction to the script when you first read it?
I was definitely drawn in by the story, it caught my attention due to the subject matter. I was very interested in the part of Amber as I felt the film showed many sides to this one character. So, I was eager to show what could bring to the role. 

Camilla Rowland as Amber
What are your feelings about Amber?
Amber epitomises a certain type of young 21st century woman – she uses social media to try and fit in with what she thinks society expects of her. How many 'likes' she gets on a picture of herself and how many 'followers' she has means the world to her. She's most definitely self-obsessed, not afraid to display all aspects of her life to the world and blinkered to what's really going on around her.

How did you prepare for the role?
Preparing for the role wasn't straightforward because the real Amber doesn't actually appear in the film that often. I had not only to consider how she behaved in real life, but also how she would behave as perceived by Harrison, and perceived by Harrison when in different frames of mind. So, in a sense, Amber has multiple personalities forced onto her in the film and I wanted her to speak with a different rhythm each time she appears.  

Is it true that you had to be semi-nude for some of your audition? 
Camilla with Salvatore Stella in Selective Listening
How did you feel about that?
Yes that is true – it happens sometimes, depending on how much your physicality is relevant to the role. The first part of the audition was fully clothed and then the second part I had to to do in my underwear. I felt completely comfortable. I also do a lot of modelling in swimwear and such, and I am used to having to get changed in front of rooms full of people. I don't even think about it. 

What’s the strangest thing you’ve had to do in an audition?

Hmm. That's a tough question. I have had to do a lot of strange things. Pretend I have a talking parrot on my shoulder and talk to it? Pretend to eat a salad and really enjoy it(!) Oh, gosh the list is endless. 

How did you find the rehearsals for Selective Listening?

All of my scenes were with Sal who played Harrison. We had a short rehearsal time but it was easy working with Sal – it always helps if you get on well with the actor you are playing along side, and we got on very well. 

Rehearsing the scenes went well because we all listened to each other and each other's ideas. Tim (the director) was open to suggestions which allowed some artistic licence within our characters. It is nice to be able to have some creative input and make the character feel most natural to you. All of this was part of the rehearsal period which was enjoyable.

Amber appears
There are rumours that you had a giggling fit on the set. What was all that about?
Haha! Okay, so reeling off a list of tea seems simple BUT saying a list of teas in a seductive manner is more challenging than I initially thought it would be. 

Selective Listening was quite an intense and fast-paced shoot. How did you find it worked with your own personal process, as an actor?
I work well under pressure and enjoy working at a fast pace. I feel that for me it's likely to be more natural if I don't have too much time to mull over how to do a certain line or scene. 

For the benefit of any writers, directors or producers who see Selective Listening and decide they want to work with you, what roles would you say you would be most interested in?
I would love to play a role in an action film – someone who kicks ass!

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