Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Production, Day 13...

Wednesday 25th September – Day 13 of the shoot was the official last day of the shoot.

...Unofficially, we still have some pickups to do with our Cinematographer, Phil Moreton, at some point over the coming week. It was a packed day but much fun was had as it was mostly a day of toy action with a variety of themes.

It was sad to say farewell to everyone at the end of the day, but the journey is far from over. Now we get straight into post-production with our editor, Ricky Wood.

Overall, the film Gods must be smiling on us as, in a block of flats that almost consistently has some kind of activity (we even made reference to it in the script!), the shoot was relatively undisturbed. Yet, the first day we don't require the sound department, drilling works begin outside. Very lucky!

A big thank you to every member of the production crew and cast for making the shoot a pleasure to work on!

Miriam & Tim