Sunday, 15 September 2013

Production day 5!

I've heard that when you cast well 90% of the problems that you might face during production are solved. Selective Listening is not an exception to this. We've almost worked with all the actors at least once. From Denise Mack and Andrew Holloway, who have a small role, to Camilla Rowland and Emily Holt and, of course, Salvatore Stella, everyone has been phenomenal and a pleasure to see perform. Today it was the turn of Phil Gyford who plays Robin, Harrison's friend and everybody who was watching the monitor was in stitches. Ann Tillinghast, our hair and make-up artist, was crying with laughter. Salvatore and Phil really did a great job. We have intended for the film to have sad, emotional and tense/spooky moments as well as funny...Yesterday it was one of the funny ones! :D