Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Voices are all around...

...around the flat.

Tim here. The first stage of the edit is reaching its end and we can see the sound design in the distance. Therefore, we're now at the stage when the voices need to be supplied so that we can add them to the edit and tighten the cut.

Yesterday we were joined by Suzy Harvey, who was very happy to be providing "Molly" with her voice and today was the turn of Colin Hubbard, who is giving life to "Bean". A few laughs have been had, and once again, more things have been learned.

Sitting with headphones on, as assistant sound recordist, I found myself turning into our sound recordist, Ean Currie, in the sense that I was able to say things like, "Wait a sec – I can hear a train!" 10 seconds before it arrives. The super-hearing powers of the sound recordist.

Recording the voies for Smiling Herbert, Conrad, Marrow and all others, still to come...!